MILSPEC Jet Training is based on the same procedures, standards, and operational practices used to train US Navy jet pilots. Our mission is to instill this rigorous culture of single pilot safety taught to Naval Aviators within the minds of civilian jet owners and pilots. We provide advanced flight training and support for single pilot jet operations to establish and maintain a higher standard of proficiency resulting in a safer, more consistent, single pilot aviator.

HondaJet Transition

Jet instruction and mentoring based on the MILSPEC curriculum and procedures.

Upset Recovery

Training for out of control flight in a tactical jet trainer with MILSPEC instructor pilots.

Buyers Resource

Objective analysis and support through the jet acquisition process.




Karl Rauch is a former US Navy FA-18 Strike Fighter Pilot who specializes in single pilot jet flight instruction for owner/operators. He logged over 2600 tactical single pilot jet hours while on active duty and in the US Naval Reserves and completed two combat deployments to the Persian Gulf. He was an FA-18A/B/C/D instructor pilot, a graduate of the Navy Fighter Weapons School (TOPGUN) Adversary Course, and an Adversary Instructor Pilot. Karl graduated from the US Naval Academy and holds a Master of Science degree from the National Defense University, National War College. He is currently an Airbus A320 Captain at JetBlue Airways.



Edward Covington is a turbine instructor and aerobatic pilot providing operational training and upset recovery instruction to aircraft owners and professional pilots. Covington Aviation was founded in 1993 with a Cessna 210 and has evolved into a group of companies providing comprehensive aviation solutions. Edward specializes in single pilot jet instruction and mentoring, aerobatic training, and jet acquisitions support. He has accumulated 5000 single pilot hours and type ratings in the HondaJet, CitationJet, Eclipse 500, and Learjet 60. Edward is an ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI, and holds degrees in Economics and Business from the University of Colorado.